Monday Motivator: Celebrate Fall

In the South, the seasons rarely follow the calendar, and I can remember both Thanksgivings and Christmases that were uncomfortably hot. So for those of us who love the season of fall, we have to be ever vigilant because it can come and go in a matter of days.

But it is here now in Tennessee. The leaves are turning. The temperatures are such that wearing boots and cardigans makes sense. I can take a walk without being covered with sweat upon my return.

Now, in Nashville, the temperatures might easily be in the 80’s next week. So while we have autumn here in our midst, take time to appreciate the season:

  • Go for a walk, maybe in a park and let the leaves crunch under your feet.
  • Rake some leaves and then let the kids (or yourself) jump in them.
  • Go ahead and enjoy a pumpkin-spice latte.
  • Make some soup.
  • Get the newest book by your favorite mystery writer and read away an afternoon.

Happy Autumn!



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