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Monday Motivator: Celebrate Your Way. Let Others Do the Same

This story appeared on my Facebook feed yesterday. I’m not sure how factual it is, but it’s one of those stories that should be true if it isn’t:

A mom bought a Christmas stocking for the family’s cat. Her daughter said, “Mom. Why did you buy that? We’re Muslim.”

The mother said, “But we don’t know what religion the cat is.”

It seems every year that there are holiday wars over some of the weirdest things. People argue about when to put up decorations, when to put to take them down, and even how much decorating is too much.

Here is my take: Do what you like as long as you’re  not hurting anyone else.

So if you want to put up your decorations on Halloween and keep them up until February, go ahead. If you want to take your tree down on Christmas afternoon, go ahead. If you want to put up five hundred inflatable Santa Clauses in your yard, go ahead. If you are a traditionalist and don’t observe Christmas until Advent is over, go ahead. And if you don’t celebrate at all, go ahead.

I have a fairly laissez-faire approach to the holidays. I sing Christmas and Hanukkah songs with equal abandon. And everything from the ritziest to the tackiest decorations make me smile. To many of our students, I say, “Have a great break,” because they are actually gone longer than the holiday period. If someone says “Merry Christmas,” I say it back. If someone says “Happy Hanukkah,” I say it back. If they say “Happy Holidays,” I say it back.

I have no desire to extinguish someone else’s joy.

However, if you are one of the people who has put up five hundred inflatable Santas, please reinflate them after a cold night. Right now (and you know who you are ), it looks like a giant Christmas massacre took place in your yard.