Daily Archives: March 12, 2018

Monday Motivator: Let It Snow!

As I look out my window, the sun is shining on the dogwood trees and daffodils,  and it’s hard to believe that earlier this morning, snow covered the grass. Local schools started two hours late. And people worried about their morning commute.

People have been saying that winter just doesn’t want to leave, but the season still has a week left, according to the calendar. So maybe it’s more accurate to say that we’re trying to push winter aside before its time. There is a general impatience for spring to arrive with all its warmth, blossoms, and promise of vacations to come.

But maybe instead of pushing away winter, we should celebrate its last days: Take photos of the snow sugarcoating the flowers. Enjoy an extra few days of boots and cardigans. Feel the cold air on our faces during our afternoon walks.

After all, soon it will be a hundred degrees, and we’ll be complaining about that. So for today, let it snow!