Monday Motivator: Attend to the Evidence

On Saturday, the skirt I ordered arrived. I couldn’t wait to wear it. In most ways, it was a perfect skirt. It had vertical stripes in blue and white. It had pockets. And it fit perfectly, no nipping at the waist at all.

I was overjoyed. Until I looked in the mirror. To say that the skirt was unflattering is an understatement. From the waist down, I looked like a whale wearing a mattress.

I decided the result was the fault of the top I’d chosen.  So I took out several tops and tried each one with the skirt. Some, if I walked far enough away from the mirror, seemed to work. Then I took pictures on my iPhone. (Here it’s important to note that I have an old, very small phone.) And it appeared that some combinations weren’t so bad.

Later, downstairs, I took up my iPad and looked at the photos again. As the pictures filled up the 5X8 screen, I could no longer deny the truth: It was not the tops. It was the skirt. It was a beautiful skirt. But it was not to be mine.

I learned two lessons this week:

  1. There is no deception like self-deception.
  2. Try on a skirt before falling in love with it.


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