Monday Motivator: Be Kind (Even on Facebook)

There was a horrible event here in Middle Tennessee this past week. A father reported his son missing. After days of searching, the father admitted that he had killed his son. Now the search teams are looking for a body.

The community was understandably outraged and horrified. According to a friend of mine who lives in the area, the community Facebook page and listservs were filled with hatred towards the father with suggestions of lynching, etc.

Disturbing but understandable. But then some folks found the Facebook page of the man’s mother and started filling her page with hatred and vitriol.

In many schools, you can see posters like the one below:


Obviously, the folks posting this weekend never saw the poster. They were understandably angry and let that anger lead them to some questionable behavior.

Social media can be a blessing. It can bring us together. It can provide support for movements that need publicity. But there is a dark side. Because there may not be an immediate response, we feel that we can write without consequence. And we post without thinking, letting pure emotion carry the day.

But there are always consequences.

I am pretty sure that the last thing that grandmother is doing at the moment is checking her Facebook page. But I hope she has a good friend who can go in and delete those posts.



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