Daily Archives: April 23, 2018

Monday Motivator: Take a Breath. Take a Break.

(To be honest, it is hard to think of anything motivating as Nashville reels from a senseless shooting that, so far, has left four dead.)

It’s that time of the semester when everyone feels tense. Students are trying to finish up papers and projects while gearing up for final exams. Faculty are trying to get through the mounds of grading that must be done before final grades are turned in.

People can get a little edgy. A little grumpy. Sometimes very emotional. Tears, shouts, and banging of doors can happen.

So, here, in no particular order, are the Jolly Librarian’s suggestions for giving yourself a time out.

  • Take a walk. Every day (when it’s not storming), I walk over to our local Target to buy a Diet Coke. I get a little exercise and a change of scenery. And, in the twenty minutes the trip takes, I can think about other things.
  • Visit some friends. Today, I went to the English department and chatted with colleagues. Within five minutes, they had me laughing.
  • Read a poem. Okay, not everyone is into poetry. But, for me, just reading a favorite poem can cheer me up and put a new perspective on the day.
  • Listen to a song. Put on some headphones and listen to a song or two. There’s nothing like music to relieve stress. I suggest Snow Patrol. Or anything with a banjo. (And if you don’t mind people staring, dance.)
  • Remind yourself that this will end. One of the nice things about college is that there is a built-in deadline. When I taught composition and I looked at the stacks of papers in front of me, I would simply say, “No matter how bad the next fourteen days are, it will all be finished on the fifteenth.”
  • If you live in a town with a winning hockey team and a weird attachment to catfish, buy a stuffed-animal version of said catfish, move it around the library, and post pictures of it to social media.