Monday Motivator: Cool Off!

Nashville is in the middle of a heat wave. Yesterday, I got to the Y two minutes before it opened, and I was already dripping with sweat when they unlocked the door. Yuk! And it’s supposed to stay this hot for the foreseeable future.

When I complain about the heat, people remind me that many of us didn’t grow up with air conditioning, and back when we were kids, we didn’t mind the heat. This may be true for them, but it’s definitely not true for me. I remember lying in bed on a July night, tossing and turning in the heat and hating every minute of it.

Heat has always made me grumpy. And, apparently, I’m not the only one. Studies show that hot weather increases violence not just between individuals, but also groups.

So as the temperature approaches one hundred and that Southern humidity kicks in, we all might do well to ask ourselves: “Am I really justifiably angry, or am I just hot?” If it’s something that we would just shrug off in October, then walk away and get a cool drink.


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