Monday Motivator: Choose Another Good Thing

My sister’s cat (the friendly one) was on the prowl late Saturday afternoon. As far as she was concerned, it was time to eat. This is not a cat that you can leave for the weekend by putting out some food and water, knowing all will be well. She would have the food eaten before you even got in your car to leave. We blame her neverending need to eat on her hard-luck life as a tiny kitten, abandoned and left alone. She had to eat as much as she could when she could, not knowing when the chance would come again.

When it comes to food, she is tenacious. She will stick her paw under the pantry door, hoping that her ten-pound body will somehow get it open. She’ll nose around the treat bag, knocking it off the counter, hoping it will burst open as it hits the ground.

But this Saturday, she was out of luck. It was an hour before feeding time; she’d already had a treat or two for the afternoon. She was going to have to wait. After pacing around the room and giving every human a pitiful look and heart-wrenching meow, she jumped on the window sill and settled down to take a nap. It was almost as she was saying that if her number one thing (eating) wasn’t happening, she wouldn’t waste any more time on it and would go to her number two favorite thing: napping.

This seems quite wise to me. When something doesn’t work out, too many people spend way too much time complaining about their bad luck and misfortune. And that’s human nature. But after a time, the best thing to do is look around and see what other good things there are to do in this life and go do one of them.


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