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Monday Motivator: Make the Most of the Summer Break

This week marks the last week of summer term. This is not as much fun as the end of other semesters because we immediately start gearing up for fall. For many of us, we’ve been gearing up for fall the entire summer.

Still, it is necessary to make the most of this break whether or not you have the time off or you’re still at work. (The library is open all the time; there are just times when there are almost no students or faculty on campus. So for the majority of us, the most we can hope for is a little staycation, not a vacation.)

So how do you take care of yourself when your break time is limited (and punctuated by demands for the coming semester)?

Here are some tips: (These are tips by a nerdy English major. You may need to modify them for your own situation.)

  • Find a nice summer novel and take time to read it. Just a light-hearted romance or a stirring mystery. Let your mind be taken away from your stresses for a few hours.
  • While this technically fits under preparing for the next semester, it’s fun. Go to an office supplies store and buy yourself a little gift. Maybe a purple gel pen. Maybe some sticky notes in a variety of colors. Maybe a notebook with a pretty cover.
  • Find a swimming pool. I am not a pool person. I haven’t been to my condo’s pool in years. In fact, I’m pretty sure I would have to buy a new swimsuit if I decided to swim. But the pool is a symbol of summer. Take those last swims before the outdoor pools start closing for the season. (Mine pool closes on Labor Day.)
  • Buy an ice cream cone and eat it outside. Feel the contrast of the heat with coldness of the cone.
  • Look at your summer clothes and see if there are any that didn’t get worn this year. If you like them, wear them before the weather changes. If you don’t, give them away. Getting rid of a little clutter is always a mood booster for me.
  • Find a binge-worthy show, make some popcorn, and enjoy. Maybe now’s the time to finish up Game of Thrones. I watched all five seasons of Grace and Frankie in a weekend. Don’t make it a regular thing. But enjoy yourself for an evening and don’t feel guilty.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t spend a lot of time bemoaning the short time between semesters. Enjoy the time you have!


Monday Motivator: Know What’s In Your Control. And What’s Not.

I have curly hair, and people with curly hair get a head start on realizing that there are things that are totally out of your control. If someone tells me my hair looks good, I say thanks while knowing that I did exactly the same thing I did the day before when my hair resembled a sad haystack.

I spend an embarrassing amount of time on YouTube watching people style their curly hair. And those tutorials help. But curly hair has a mind of its own, and anything can affect its mood. It doesn’t like any change in humidity. It doesn’t like too much or too little product. So I just try to make it happy, but it’s never a sure thing.

But curly hair is much like life. I can wash it and style it. I can learn ways to make it behave a bit better. All of those things are in my control. But I am never going to have total control of how it looks when I leave for work each morning. So I focus on the things I can control and let the others go. And I hope my hair doesn’t scare small children or be mistaken as a beehive.

I have made peace with my hair, but I still need to work on the curly hair philosophy in to other parts of my life. I still have a tendency to think that if I do certain things, people will act in certain ways. I have to remember that like curly hair, I can put in some work, but in the end, people are going to do what they’re going to do.


Monday Motivator: Forgive Yourself But Sin No More

In the novel, City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert, two characters discuss forgiveness and the inability at times to forgive yourself. I don’t want to go into detail because part of the joy of this novel is finding out how these two characters meet and become friends.

The idea here is sometimes we are stupid. We are thoughtless. We are headstrong. We are inconsiderate. And especially, when we’re young, we don’t always think through the consequences. And sometimes, all we can do is say we were stupid and young. We have to admit that we hurt others. And then we have to move on. Sometimes we get the chance to ask for, and be granted, forgiveness. Sometimes we ask for forgiveness, and it is withheld. And sometimes fate intervenes, and we never get a chance to ask for forgiveness at all.

But in all cases, we have to find a way to move on. We can’t stay stuck in our self-hatred if we are going to have a meaningful life. We must find a way to forgive ourselves.

I have done things that make me cringe when I think of them. I told a friend about one of them that could not now be fixed. She agreed that it was not my best moment.

Then she asked, “Did you do it again?”

I was horrified. “No!”

“So you did something bad. You felt bad about it. And you’ve never done it again. Then I think it’s time to let it go.”

I realized that, while it was never an act I was going to be proud of, I had learned something. I had become a (marginally) better person.

I could stop beating myself up.

Monday Motivator: Make Things Beautiful

Recently, I heard the author Elizabeth Gilbert talk about the need for beauty in the world. She told the story of her grandmother during the Depression. During that time, there was no room for any extras. There was no wasted food. Every remnant of cloth was put to another use.  

Gilbert’s grandmother used the remnants of cloth to make quilts so that the family could be warm in the winter. Their use was totally utilitarian. But Gilbert pointed out that the quilts themselves were beautiful. Her grandmother could have made them plain and dowdy, and they would have served the same purpose. But her grandmother had a need for creativity and beauty. 

A few years ago, at a library staff meeting, someone mentioned the weedy little patch of earth in front of our building. “We should just take it over and make it look nice.” I asked the President, and he gave permission. Since that time, Sally and Charles have taken care of that area. Now, every single month, as staff and students walk into our building, they are greeted with a dancing array of colorful flowers. I can’t count the number of days that my spirits have been lifted as I walk in or out of the building. 

I agree with Elizabeth Gilbert. We need beauty in our lives. So this week, let’s make something in our environment a little more beautiful than it has to be. 

Monday Motivator: Honor Those Who Helped You

There’s a lot of talk these days about self-made people and that no one owes us anything in life. I don’t know if anyone owes me anything, but I owe a lot of people. I owe my 4th-grade teacher who decided that my love for reading was more important than my indifferent eating habits. I owe the factory where my father worked for a scholarship that allowed me to go to away to a university. I owe the professors who took time with a country girl who didn’t understand all the rules of college and helped her to fit in.

Many of these people from the early years of my life are now gone, and I was too careless to thank them at the time. Perhaps I didn’t even realize that they made the choice to help me and could have chosen not to. Perhaps I didn’t realize how different things could have turned out.

Now that I’m older and a little wiser, I am trying to make amends. Of course, there are a million good causes out there, but I make a special effort to honor the types of folks who helped me out. I look for projects in rural schools that will give other country kids the opportunities I had. In the library, we all encourage our students to come to us with their questions about how college works and how they can best fit in.

And I think those who helped me along the way would approve of this sort of appreciation.

So this week, let’s all think back to those people who gave us a chance and, in gratitude, find a way to give one to someone else.