Monday Motivator: Bend It Like the Jolly Librarian

As you might know, two weeks ago, I took a nasty fall on marble in downtown Nashville. I bruised my left arm and my right knee, bruising the bone.  

Oddly, for someone who is mostly sedentary and well padded, I have injured my knee more than once. The last time, after limping for a week, I went to the doctor. She sent me to a physical therapist. There I learned a very important lesson. When you injure yourself, at first, it makes sense to rest and not cause further damage by putting too much pressure and weight on the knee. But at some point, if you don’t move it, it will get so stiff that it won’t ever want to move again. So you’ve just got to grit your teeth and do it. 

Or let the physical therapist do it. He iced my knee for a few minutes and then he started to move my knee in bicycle motions. When I left, I was walking normally with no pain. And with major respect for physical therapists. 

So this time, I knew the drill. I did the exercises the doctor gave me. And when I could bend my knee, I started making myself walk upstairs in a normal fashion. It took another few days to be able to walk down the stairs normally. (Before then, I had to put down my left leg and then bring down my left leg, repeated for each step.) A few days ago, I came home and was in the kitchen before I realized I had walked up the steps without hesitation. I was healing. 

The lesson here is that is time for rest and a time to get back up and get out there. The wisdom is knowing when one phase ends and the next begins. 

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