Monday Motivator: Know When to Ask for Help

Two weekends ago, I decided to fix my leaky bathroom faucet. Like all potential amateur handypeople, I went online to see how hard it would be. According to the first website, it was an easy, inexpensive fix, and you’d have to be crazy to call a plumber for the job.

I took my iPad into the bathroom and started my task. Within two minutes, I gave up. My sink looked nothing like the ones used as examples online. I decided to be crazy and call the plumber after all.

On Tuesday, the plumber came and showed me the state of my faucet. He had several parts in his hand (not like the one round washer in the videos).  He said he could try to fix it, but this type of cartridge faucet often had issues. But he was happy to give it a try. However, considering the faucet was old and the hot water tap would likely have the same problem in a few months, I decided to go with a new one. When he showed me the state of my drain, I was glad I had let a professional take over.

I am not handy. A few years ago, I needed to change my front door knob. Once again, I went to the web, and this time the knob was identical to mine. After four hours of sweating and anxiety as nothing went right, I was successful. But I realized that, in most cases, I should put household repairs in the hands of people who know what they are doing.

There are many things I do well. And I’m all for learning new things. Still, I know there are things that I will never do well. And age and experience has taught me to know the difference. And get help when I need it.

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