Monday Motivator: Take Care of Yourself

The end of the Thanksgiving weekend means one thing to those of us in college. We are careening toward the end of the semester. Students and faculty are under a lot of pressure. There are papers to write and grade. There are tests to make, tests to study for, tests to take, and tests to grade. And all of this has to be done in two weeks. So stress is the order of the day.

So how do we get through such a period? We have to take care of ourselves. And how do we do that? Here are some suggestions:

  • Acknowledge that it’s a stressful time, and it’s unrealistic to expect anything else.
  • Cut back on extraneous activities . Take it from a person who has been in school most of her life; there is nothing more enticing during a busy time than some outside activity. There’s a saying that a person’s house is never cleaner than when she or he is supposed to writing a dissertation. So don’t be distracted by Netflix or a clean house, or that new book that just became available in the library. Stay focused on the task at hand. All of these things will be waiting for you when the job is done.
  • Still, don’t be a martyr. A few treats should be in order. After a few hours of work, watch a YouTube video (don’t binge a series!), eat a snack, or take your dog for a walk.
  • Talk to a classmate or a colleague for support and a quick laugh.
  • And keep in mind, that no matter how stressful this period is, it will be over in two weeks.

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