Monday Motivator: Give Yourself a Gift

In his book, Stillness is the Key, Ryan Holiday tells the story of a world-famous athlete who was inducted into his sport’s hall of fame. His speech, according to Holiday, was basically a list of all the times he’d been overlooked or shortchanged in life.

Now I admit I did not look up his speech on the internet. It just made me sad to think of someone who had such a wonderful career still focused on the times that he had not been noticed or appreciated.

But the story gave me an idea. Since it’s the holiday season, why not give yourself a gift? Give the gift of letting go of one old hurt or grudge that you’ve been carrying around.

This is not about letting anyone off the hook. It’s about not being weighed down by what others have done or didn’t do in the past. It’s about moving on and enjoying life in the present.

It just might be the best gift you ever give yourself.

Happy Holidays!

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