Monday Motivator: Be Like George

Over the holidays, we lost a colleague. George McIntyre taught in the Music Technology department. He came down with the flu and pneumonia, and the combination proved fatal.

George was one of our friends in the library. He asked Pam to come over and play for his class, and students got experience with a working musician. She usually worked with him once a semester, and the students loved it. He would also stop by the library occasionally to talk music with Pam and joke with the rest of us.

He was the sort of teacher all of us would want: real-world experience, concern for students, humility, and good humor. He was also the colleague all of would want for those very same reasons.

He will be greatly missed, but we can honor him by copying his best qualities when we can:

  • Look for new ways to bring a class to life.
  • Always share a laugh with your colleagues.
  • Be the positive environment that you say you want.
  • Never miss an opportunity to express gratitude.
  • Love your family with your whole heart.

George was one of the good ones. He can’t be replaced. But his example can make our workplace (and maybe our world) a little better.

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